Digital noise

manetenThis is what Clemens Poellinger (the german voice on the album) has to say: “Seventies meet new computers, progg* kneeling in front of digital noise. The sound of the future was yesterday!”. (*progg=short for the swedish progressive movement). The picture shows Dan Backman, Tore Persson and Maria Wahlström at a concert in Gothenburg 1980.

Cosmopolitan chaos

IMG_0912 kopiaThis is what Anders Hellquist has to say about the album (Anders play excellent guitar on track number 6): “Beautiful acid terrorjazz! Poetic and crazy. A fine balance between pling (raga bells/childish glockenspiel), organic cultivated plants and cosmopolitan chaos. It will probably take a while to get into this. See you somewhere between Fasching and Fylkingen.” The picture shows some of the bells used for the recording.

Just another band from Stockholm

dan 1The album I’ve been working on for the last four years is released by Brus & Knaster April 29 2015. It will be available at all digital outlets and streaming services. No vinyl, no cassette, no cd. Maria Wahlströms photo (probably from 1985) shows Raj Hymans (the band on most of the old recordings) taking a break from cleaning the rehearsal space at Wallingatan/Drottninggatan, used circa 1985-1990. From left to right: Tore Persson, Dan Backman, Jan Steineck, Johan Fowelin. Raj Hymans was disbanded around 1990.